"Many women fear getting themselves involved in the political in their companies and are looking for another job."

"Women are focussed on cooperating and look at their team. Men already look upwards and focus on the one above them."

"I think it is precisely those informal conversations in which important decisions are taken, and not that meeting I have prepared for so well"

When women want to have higher positions in corporate life as well, it is important to know the differences in behaviour and approach between men and women. Not necessarily to adjust yourself to someone else's standards but to enable yourself to play the game strategically.

For whom?

The workshop "Stratego for Women" is meant for women that want to have insight to 'the rules of the game' and want to learn how to play that game strategically without loosing yourself. Moreover, it is also important to maintain a good balance between work and private life.
The participants will gain insight to the various orientations of men and women and the expression thereof in the way in which we cooperate within organisations. What are the formal and informal fields of force within your company? Which position do you choose? Which strategies and tactics do other people use and what influence do you have on those?
You will return home with new insights on gender and strategy, as well as having expanded your network of well-educated women.