Marianne van der Pool has published several books and numerous articles on coaching and psychology. For the daily national newspapers NRC Handelsblad and NRC Next she writes the career coach columns.

The 11 coach competencies in Word and Image
Good coaching is like swimming. You can only learn it by doing and getting it demonstrated often. This book is written for coaches who want to grow their professional competencies.
It deepens the coaching profession itself - what makes one a good coach and where are the opportunities to become a better coach?
The 11 core competencies for coaches - the gold standard developed by the International Coach Federation - are central. These provide an ideal structure to continue to develop yourself as a coach.
Each chapter features a competency in which state-of-the-art coaching theory is integrated, so that skills and self-understanding can grow. For each competency, indicators are formulated that provide an excellent entry to practice. Two videos on the accompanying website demonstrate the competencies.
This book is not yet available in English.

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